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The Drought of 2007 - We Were Lucky

We have been raising Devon since 1988. The cattle on this farm are descendants of the original herd that were walked on to this farm in the 1800’s.

We have always been lucky to have enough grass and hay to feed our cattle. This year is the first year we have had to buy hay, since going into the cattle business.

I don’t want you to think we are “whining” for we know a lot of farmers that have been hit harder than us. We would like to let you know that there are still decent people in this world. We were lucky enough to find another man that had not turned to greed. He sold us hay at the price he sold it for, in normal hay seasons. We bought several tractor and trailer loads of round bales. We ended up buying a tractor and trailer load of square bales. I must also comment on the young adults in our community. My children have always had friends that liked to hang out on the farm. They have always just jumped in with whatever we were doing at the time. They say they enjoy it, because they don’t do things like we do at home. My son spread the word that his Daddy was going to need help when he rolled in. Charlie called when he was almost home to tell our own children, he would be at the shed in about 30 minutes.

When he rolled in, there were 14 young adults (men & women) waiting to help unload the hay. They did not want paid, they said they were glad they could help.  The moral of this story is, that there are still good hard working people in this world.

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